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What is BGMi 2.9?

BGMi, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, is a wildly popular mobile game known for its intense battle royale gameplay. Version 2.9 brings numerous enhancements and features to the game, making it even more exciting for players.

What is No Grass config file?

A no grass config file is a text file that removes grass from a game. This can improve performance and visibility, but may be considered cheating in some games.

Benefits of Using No Grass Config File

Using the No Grass Config File isn’t just about aesthetics; it can provide several advantages for your gameplay:

  • Improved visibility in grassy areas
  • Enhanced strategic advantage
  • Better chances of spotting opponents
  • A more immersive gaming experience

BGMi 2.9 No grass Config File

Config FileNo grass Config File
VersionLatest Update 2.9.0
GameBattleGrounds Mobile India (Bgmi)
Safe100% Safe

BGMi 2.9 No grass Config File Features

  • ✅Supporting all devices
  • ✅100% working
  • ✅Easy to use
  • ✅No grass
  • ✅ work in all map
  • ✅100% safe
  • ✅No lag issue
  • ✅No crash issue

NOTE: config zip file is protected by password and I have shared password in our telegram channel.

How to Use Bgmi 2.9 No grass Config File?

To use the Bgmi 2.9 No grass Config file, follow these steps:

  1. First of All, Download the No grass config File From the Below Download Link
  2. Now Extract The Downloaded File Using Zarchiver App
  3. After That Copy active.sav File and Paste it into the Below path
  4. /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/SaveGames
  5. All Done, You have successfully applied No grass Config Files in Bgmi
  6. Restart your device and launch Bgmi.

Important Steps To Do Before Using Config File

  • Don’t play BGMi when your battery is below 20%.
  • Close recent apps before playing the game.
  • Always have free space on your device for optimal performance.
  • Don’t play BGMi when your device is overheated.
  • Adjust your graphic settings according to your device’s compatibility.


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