BGMi New Update 2.9 iPhone Feel Config File

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BGMI 2.9 iPhone Feel Config File

Config FileiPhone Feel
VersionLatest Update 2.9.0
GameBattleGrounds Mobile India (Bgmi)
Safe100% Safe

7 KB

To Apply Config File Paste Files Folder into /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.pubg.imobile/files

Config File Features

  1. ❤️Unlock Extreme Fps
  2. ❤️Unlock Graphic Setting
  3. ❤️Low End Phone Tested
  4. ❤️Working All Device
  5. ❤️Working All Version
  6. ❤️Wide View
  7. ❤️No Shadow

What Causes Lag in PUBG?

Lag can stem from various sources, primarily linked to device configuration, network issues, and inadequate in-game settings. Your device’s hardware, network stability, and how the game is configured play pivotal roles in determining performance.

Device Configuration

Devices with lower RAM, older CPUs, or insufficient storage may struggle to run PUBG optimally. Incompatibility or outdated hardware can contribute to lag.

Network Issues

Instabilities in internet connections, high latency, or poor bandwidth can lead to lag in an online game like PUBG, disrupting smooth gameplay.

Game Settings

Inadequate in-game settings or settings not optimized for your device’s capabilities can cause performance issues.


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